Climate Change – The largest challenge ever faced by humanity

We at the Romero Institute recognize climate change as an international catastrophe—the largest challenge ever faced by humanity. The scientific community agrees that if we continue burning fossil fuels at current rates, by the end of the century global mean temperature will rise 3 degrees Celsius—enough to melt polar ice, destroy coastlines, and alter growing seasons irrevocably. Therefore, as people of faith, we are responding to Pope Francis’s call to protect Mother Earth. We are launching a major initiative to combat climate change and transform a crisis into an opportunity for a new and brighter future.

Each of us must do our part, and the hope is that all parts operating together will reverse the threat.

The first phase of our climate project will occur in our own backyard of Monterey Bay. We are working with faith communities—mainly the Catholic Diocese—to create Green Power teams in parishes. We are supporting these teams in pursuing two goals: 1) creating sustainable church infrastructure; 2) advocating for the passage of community choice energy (CCE) throughout the tri-county area of Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito. CCE is a way of producing electricity that allows citizens to choose green energy sources like solar, biomass, and wind. Already the California counties of Marin and Sonoma are operating successful CCE programs and as a result they have cut greenhouse gas emissions drastically. City and county officials here in the Monterey Bay area have been working hard to create a CCE, and now we’re putting our shoulder to that wheel. Our goal: to get CCE embraced by all 21 cities and counties currently considering it within the tri-county area.

To learn more about our project and how you can contribute to it, please visit our website

Initiative on Global Climate Change

In this video, our president and chief counsel, Daniel Sheehan, provides an overview of the threat of global climate change.